Wooden chess

Chess from valuable wood species - buy wooden chess in online store

Precious wood chess

Since ancient times, board games have been one of the main forms of entertainment. Not only are these activities enjoyable and competitive, but they also allow for regular mental training, more frequent visits with friends, and impromptu tournaments. You can buy classic wooden chess in almost any souvenir shop or entertainment store, but for really interesting and impressive pieces, it is best to go to an online gift and souvenir shop. Here you can find amazing wooden chess pieces for your own home, as a gift and as home decoration. Sets of chess and backgammon made of wood are presented in all possible variations - you can purchase a rather concise set for everyday use, or an exquisite one that can impress a real esthete and creative nature. If you and your friends are not averse to wiggle your brains from time to time and compete in the number of successful combinations, the traditional game in the original wooden design is a must-have.

Wooden chess is a game for true intellectuals

Wooden chess - photo

Scientists agreed that the first chess games, or as close as possible to them, were played back in Ancient India in the first century AD. This means that the human mind always requires improvement, and smart people of ancient times came up with an ideal simulator for it. Once upon a time only aristocrats could afford luxurious sets with carved wooden figures, but now gift wooden chess sets are available to everyone. Perhaps not everyone will be able to comprehend all the tricks and tricks, but constant practice, if it does not make you the number one chess player, will lead to noticeable success in improving memory, speed of thinking and speed of decision making. Regular games with worthy opponents will not only allow you to better analyze the current and future moves, your own and your opponent's, but also apply these acquired skills in life. To find ways out of difficult, confusing situations, without fear to take on seemingly impossible tasks and successfully cope with them - everyday work on oneself and one's own mental abilities will not be in vain. It is especially pleasant that you can play not only in the living room or office, but also in the fresh air, easily transferring wooden figures in a convenient case.

Types of wooden chess: offers from online stores

It is best to buy the coveted set where there is the largest selection of wooden chess, namely in the online store. Here is a real paradise for an intellectual, because the assortment simply dazzles the eyes. Which option to choose depends on many factors: purpose, financial capabilities, space in the apartment. The following instances are provided in the site directories:

  • compact wooden sets, with miniature chips and a box, graphed in such a way as to make it possible to play three games at once: chess, checkers, backgammon;
  • classic, elegant appearance, with figures carved from wood, using a play of contrasts - light and dark wood;
  • exclusive options, with a stand-table and metal figures in gold and silver colors;
  • Gift sets that include, in addition to a play case, a luxurious flask for alcohol and stainless steel shot glasses, as well as a funnel and penknife.

Exquisite wooden chess sets not only diversify your leisure time, but also serve as a wonderful decoration for a guest room or office.

Wooden chess: a gift for an erudite

Wooden chess pieces - photo

If you sincerely admire the remarkable mind of a person, his knowledge from different areas, give him a wooden chess set as a compliment and a sign of deepest respect. Thus, you can present not just another souvenir and a trinket, but a way to pass the evenings pleasantly and interestingly in a pleasant company. A board game in an elegant design is a great idea for a business gift. It is appropriate to present such a product to a business partner in honor of the conclusion of a profitable deal, or to the boss from a friendly team on a memorable date or holiday. A good option would be to choose a wooden chess set as a present for a former teacher or supervisor, because workers in the field of education and science need constant training for the mind. If you need to pick up a souvenir for an unfamiliar person, it is also difficult to miscalculate with intellectual games. Wooden gift chess looks amazing and can always be used, if not for its intended purpose, then as an unusual decoration. In addition, such a gift is easy to flatter and win favor.