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History of chess

In the arsenal of mankind there are not so many intellectual games that are widely used. Chess is exactly the variant that has passed through the centuries, changing and increasing in popularity. A way of playing that vaguely resembles the modern version appeared in India about 1.5 thousand years ago. It quickly spread to neighboring countries, where it partially changed. The Persians borrowed an interesting pastime technique. From them, the strategy passed to the Arabs, who contributed to the spread to Europe, the Slavic countries. Here chess took root, gradually received the now traditional rules. Soon, game fights gained great importance, in the present reaching the level of a sporting event with worldwide recognition. Now the game is widespread everywhere, and people often seek to buy chess in an original and luxurious design, intending to make a chic gift.

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What are chess

Over the centuries-old history, the game on the chessboard has passed an impressive path filled with changes, development and improvement. There are many rules for manipulating shapes. The modernization of the appearance of game sets was also noticeable. Now you can buy chess in different versions. The difference lies not only in the design of products, but also in their purpose. The following variations of chess are popular:

  • classic Staunton;
  • tournament;
  • road;
  • school.

In addition to the basic models, the demand for which is increased, there are solid elite products. Often these are expensive, spectacularly designed copies. Exclusive products may have an unusual design, have an eye-catching appearance. For example, chess for three, sets with a table or gift stylish variations. It is easy to find inexpensive, but convenient kits. In this case, attention is often drawn to standard externally magnetic products, as well as practical combinations of several games. Often this is a combination with backgammon, the second most popular classic board game. There are other compounds created using different principles.

What to consider when choosing chess

If you are going to buy a VIP toy for yourself or as a present, you need to carefully approach the selection process. On sale it will be possible to meet ordinary, expensive and cool creations of masters. The offers of manufacturers are so diverse that they will satisfy even special needs. The purchase is made based on the following parameters:

  • destination;
  • dimensions;
  • appearance;
  • production materials;
  • price.

Any little thing can be important. If the purchase is made by retail, then there is the possibility of a personal assessment of the goods. When ordering through the online store, be guided by the photo and description. A preliminary assessment of the interests and needs of the future owner of the chosen thing will not be superfluous. In this case, the choice will be the most correct, will give the expected effect.

Chess is an original gift

It is the classic board games that are rightfully recognized as a universal sign of VIP level attention. A properly selected copy has a respectable appearance, puts emphasis on a high level of intelligence, a special status of the intended recipient. Sometimes even a classic chess set as a presentation causes a storm of emotions, to say nothing of gift chess with a special design. They successfully combine the following qualities:

  • luxury;
  • style;
  • deep meaning.

Chess will be a good offering for a real strategist. The ability to correctly build a fight on the playing field has always been considered a sign of being chosen. A beautifully designed set of accessories for the game is often regarded as analogous to a work of art. A gift of this level will surely win the hearts of real aesthetes and intellectuals, and will also easily raise the level of a person in the eyes of others. Chess is a stylish, original and interesting gift that will always be appreciated.

Brands and trademarks of chess manufacturers

There are not so many manufacturers of truly interesting products on the market of chess products. Many people want to get the products of a well-known brand, which will be made in compliance with high quality standards, but will not hit the pocket. At the same time, the materials used, technologies, as well as the possibility of a wide choice are often important. Here are chess sets from popular Italian, Greek, as well as Polish and other factories:

  • Italfama;
  • Manopoulos;
  • Madon;
  • Lucky Gamer.

In the collections of each company, variety of options that open up scope for choice. Belonging to a product of a well-known brand indicates the compliance of products with a set of requirements characteristic of the level of a well-known company. Each brand offers something special, working to meet the needs of buyers of certain price categories. Manufacturers in Italy, Greece, as well as other countries represented in the product line, take care of their own image, regularly research the needs of the market, which allows them to produce the necessary, sought-after and high-quality products.

Materials from which chess is made

Classic pieces on a chessboard - photo of an online store

The catalog of the store presents chess of different price ranges. The cost of a set depends on many factors. One of the main places in this list is the material of manufacture. Not only the value segment depends on it, but also the appearance, ease of use, as well as the style and emotions evoked. Not only wooden specimens are considered common. This material is called a classic, but the possibilities are not limited to it. Chess with a woody composition is more familiar and relevant for most buyers. Wood may be partially present, additionally combined with the following raw materials:

  • leather;
  • glass;
  • stone;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

In any case, each individual set for the game has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Most of the kits are made using manual labor, which makes serial stamping impossible. Each material or their combinations have certain characteristics. It is impossible to say that glass specimens are better or worse than stone ones, etc. In any case, one has to be guided by a set of properties, and the choice is made according to individual criteria. If you have any questions, help will always be provided by a sales assistant, who can be contacted personally in a retail store or remotely by phone.